Terms of Service

For Philanthropists

  1. Armchair Philanthropy (AP) is a website which provides a platform for artists to accept monthly subscription payments, and which the artist can use as a promotional tool for greater exposure.
  2. Artists are individual vendors, utilising AP’s transaction and promotional tools. The business relationship is therefore between each artist and their subscribers.
  3. Any GST or tax deductibility is dependent on the individual artist and if relevant is outlined in their profile page. For most artists, there is no GST or tax deductibility.
  4. AP is a platform that facilitates donations, and even though artists are encouraged to reward and connect with their supporters, there is no legal requirement for any goods or services to be provided in exchange for donations.
  5. Monthly subscription payments are processed on or around your subscription “birthday” every month (i.e. the same day of the month as that on which you originally subscribed).