Sally Greenaway


Sally Greenaway is a multi-award winning composer, pianist and musical director hailing from Canberra, Australia. She has earned herself the reputation of being a versatile and diverse musician, having worked with many of Australia’s music ensembles (ranging from schools to community to professional). She is regularly invited to give masterclasses, workshops and adjudicate competitions. She was musical director for ConneXion Big Band for 10 years and has lectured at the CIT Music Industry Centre, the ANU School of Music and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Greenaway is a post-graduate from the Royal College of Music, London, UK, where she received the Lucy Anne Jones award, studying composition and orchestration. She is also a graduate of the ANU School of Music Jazz Department where she specialised in jazz piano.

As a composer, Greenaway’s writing spans a wide assortment of styles and genres, including classical chamber works, jazz big band works, and film soundtracks.

In 2017 she received the ‘Instrumental Work of the Year’ Art Music Award from APRA AMCOS for her work 7 Great Inventions of the Modern Industrial Age. In 2013, she was a finalist in the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra Composition Contest, in 2009 she was awarded the Canberra International Music Festival Young Composer Award with her version of Waltzing Matilda for Finnish vocal sextet Rajaton, and in 2008 she won the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra National Big Band Composition Competition with her work Falling of Seasons.

Greenaway’s compositions features on number of CDs, including on the ABC Classic 100 Swoon collection, and her own CD releases have received world-wide critical acclaim.

How will your Philanthropy help?

Greenaway’s day-to-day work includes composing, teaching and performing in the Canberra region, as well as further afield nationally and internationally. Her upcoming project is to release a new collection of recordings and videos of several recent works, hopefully to eventually be picked up by ABC Classic.

Your philanthropy will assist Sally in achieving several professional recordings and videos of new works. In particular it will contribute significantly towards:

– Engaging professional musicians (locally and nationally) to record her new works
– Venue hire costs
– Recording and Engineering costs
– Video costs
– Printing costs
– Travel costs
– Enabling me to pay professionals engaged in this project properly

How will Philanthropists benefit?

Your support is a considerable boost to Greenaway's work

Philanthropists also receive exclusive gifts, offers and discounts.

As such she would like to thank you with offers such as:

  • Free digital versions of her CD releases (of existing body of work)
  • Sneak peaks (early bird) viewing of newly released recordings/videos
  • Free recordings from time to time (released from time to time throughout the year)

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Australian Wind Symphony

Captivating. Engaging. Brilliant.


The Australian Wind Symphony is a national touring wind ensemble celebrating contemporary classical art music. Comprised of the finest instrumentalists across Australia, this ensemble has its roots with the pioneering Canberra Wind Symphony.

Founded in 2015 the orchestra is based in the Capital Region of the ACT and NSW. A founding principle is to fly the flag for new music by living composers. In 2018 they world-premiered Winds of Hope by Australian composer Michael Dooley. Written specifically for them, this work will enter the catalogue of Australian music for this genre.

Co-owned by Australian Flautist, (and the founder of Armchair Philanthropy), Sarah Grey, and multi-awarded wind ensemble specialist, Geoff Grey, the Australian Wind Symphony provides new opportunities for up to 40 professional wind and percussion players working in quality venues with a professional conductor, supported by specialised marketing, rehearsal and operational services, and access to tens-of-thousands of dollars’ worth of sheet music, percussion and performance equipment.

After launching at the ACT Legislative Assembly, this trailblazing ensemble is one of only a few platforms for the emerging wind ensemble genre in Australia. It has collaborated with the pre-eminent US St Olaf Band at the Australian National University, was the first wind symphony to be included in an International Music Festival in Australia, and in 2019 became the first independent wind ensemble to pay players full-fee for an event. Players have also worked with luminary Australian artists Marina Prior and Ed Wilson.

How will your philanthropy help? There are a number of ongoing expenses in running AWS which take a slice out of the players’ performance fee. Philanthropising AWS will offset these expenses, thereby enabling the musicians to take home a better payment for their professional services.

Unfortunately the governmental arts bodies do not recognise professional wind ensembles as an art form, which means there is no general funding for our genre.

Your philanthropisation will cover:

  • insurance
  • promotional expenses (running the website & web-app program notes, poster printing, social media boost campaigns)
  • performance venue hire fees
  • rehearsal venue hire fees
  • sheet music purchase (often from living composers)
  • commissions of new music
  • hearing protection for the musicians
  • incidental auxiliary percussion (eg. one piece we play required purchase of the ACME Whistle!)
  • AWS freight and logistics expenses
  • photographers, videographers and video editing
  • Touring expenses … and more!

How will Philanthropists benefit?

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Philanthropists receive 1 complimentary ticket per $12.50 value of philanthropy to all of our performances.

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All philanthropy benefits are at the discretion of the individual artist.