Changing the Culture

I’ve got my dander up. Earlier this month, the Sydney Morning Herald printed a story about authors pushing for tax-free status on literary prizes. The Australian Society of Authors has raised the point after noting the discrepancy between the Prime Minister’s [tax-free] Awards and the Premier’s Literary [taxed] Awards (among private awards). To me it […]

AP visits The Other Art Fair

Last weekend I was thrilled to make it to The Other Art Fair, at The Cutaway, Barangaroo, Sydney. The Cutaway is an amazing venue. Nestled under a man-made hill at the botanical gardens, it offers space and ambiance and is a wonderful addition to the bustling centre that Barangaroo is becoming. The event was very [...]

The Negative Impact of Traditional Arts Funding

Most of us have failed at something. Whether we didn’t succeed at a job interview, didn’t win an audition, lost a sporting match… failure is a part of our lives, and for the most part we take it in reasonably good spirits and move on. The arts funding space is no different – we go […]