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Philanthropise John Dahlsen

Philanthropise John Dahlsen

From: $12.50 / month

Select a monthly philanthropy amount to support the artist’s work and incidental costs.


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I see that philanthropy will provide an opportunity for this work to develop into its best potential without the need for commercial gallery representation, or any other part time work to support its creation.

The field of environmental art that I work in is a difficult one to sustain with sales. I have been very fortunate to have won major prizes and am in a number of collections. I have also been able to have global recognition, however I have not been able to support myself from sales of this work in order to sustain a living from it.

I believe it is largely due to the nature of the materials that I work with that entirely determines this fact; i.e. beach found plastics are a difficult medium for the art collector to come to terms with. I would like to believe there are far sighted philanthropists ahead of their time out there, who would want to support my art so I can work full time and afford to develop exciting work into the future.

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