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Philanthropise Claire McCall

Philanthropise Claire McCall

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I am hoping to expand my horizons beyond Victoria, Australia to broader national exposure and beyond to the international market. In the long term, I aspire to promote my work at global art fairs and in the short term, I have been approached by a high-profile gallery in the UK to become one of their represented artists. I am so honoured that my work has caught their attention and philanthropy will assist me to not only purchase art materials and pay studio costs but most importantly shoulder the cost of shipping my work internationally.


Within Australia, I would like to gain exposure across all states where several high-profile exhibitions and award exhibitions will showcase my art to a broader audience. I would love to have the resources to create a significant body of work so that I can be represented simultaneously at several events as opposed to only a selected few exhibitions each year.


At home in Victoria, I have been invited to take up featured artist positions at local exhibitions and plan to further nurture my online presence with the rise of online gallery representation and partners such as Bluethumb.com.au and ArtLovers Australia.


These exciting goals outlined above can be achieved with philanthropic resources. My canvases are custom-made, my oil paints are expensive but applied liberally to achieve a textured effect and my framer needs to be paid for his attention to detail and expertise. Every show has entry fees and a commission to be taken from the artist, courier charges and framing required. Apart from the obvious costs for an artist including studio rent, supplies and framing, there’s many hidden costs to be covered – photoshop subscription, online marketing subscriptions, postage, printing, shipping, parking, advertising, painting tools….and the list goes on. Artists will always find a way to keep creating but with your philanthropic support, the pathway to sharing our work with the world is that bit more achievable.

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