Tania Daymond

Tania Daymond is a West Australian Visual Artist specialising in large hand drawn botanical works.

All her work begins with a fountain pen, ink and beautiful paper. Black and white ink drawings are her first love but inspired by the vibrant colours found in the Australian Flora she now combines ink and beautiful paper with bursts of watercolour to create a little vavoom.

Tania has been drawing since she was a little girl always dragging around a bag of coloured pencils and paper with her wherever she went. As an adult she completed tertiary studies in Art Education and then Fashion Design both of which gave her all the basics. After a successful career in both she now pursues her true passion …drawing.

Her drawings are very large and detailed sometimes taking months to complete. They are all hand drawn with a fountain pen to get the blackest intense black ink. The fountain pen allows Tania to create the marks required to focus on the texture, movement and pattern found in our natural flora.

She is continuously inspired by our natural environment with her art aiming to capture that magic moment when a little pocket of nature just takes your breath away.

How will your philanthropy benefit Tania?

Philanthropy will be so helpful to my art practice in three important ways…

  1. MATERIALS: Part of the joy of my art practice is working with beautiful materials. I just love setting up a new piece of Aches archival rag paper and laying out my fountain pens ready to be dipped into Sennelier’s Indian ink.
    These materials are of the best quality …your subscription may pay for new paper or maybe a new fountain pen or it may allow me to experiment with different inks and watercolour pencils. This means your subscription would contribute directly to my everyday creation.
  2. FRAMING: Presentation of my artworks on paper need to be framed. Not only to present the work in its best light for sale but also to protect the work whilst in transit and in its new home. As a prolific artist this is always an ongoing exercise. This means your subscription could allow me to present my next new work in the best possible way.
  3. PROMOTION: As a full-time artist living in Western Australia my art practice will benefit from philanthropy by enabling me to focus on pursuing promotional opportunities to gain more exposure both interstate and overseas. My current long term goal is getting my art into the Art Fairs. Your subscription could be contributing to any part of that goal helping me to promote the joy of my process, passion and life work.

How will Armchair Philanthropists benefit?

Rewards will consist of artworks to the total value of the subscriber's pledge.

Philanthropists will receive a piece of Tania’s work once the pledge amount has been nominated by the philanthropist and then reached. On offer are original drawings and Limited Edition giclee prints to the total value of the completed pledge as nominated.

All philanthropy benefits are at the discretion of the individual artist.

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