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Kirana Haag


Kirana was born in Germany, into a family of intellectuals with little heart connection. It has been her life’s quest to find and create a sense of belonging and connection in herself, and through her art to offer a way for others to find themselves, to belong and connect.

Driven to express these deep heart bonds, her work explores our inner realms, bringing them to life as exquisite representations of our multi-dimensional selves. Tangible works that communicate – without words – the human qualities and energies that connect us all.

She moved to Australia in 1996 where Kirana is a full-time artist based in Sydney. Her profile as an international transformational artist has a focus on belonging. Painting for her is a physical and ethereal process, a fast and strong dance with light. She has been referred to as a midwife of dreams; a light dancer.
It is the freedom to express very big and to be “loud”, to touch and to be real, she enjoy’s most in her art.

“With my paint-stained hands and my bare feet, my purpose on this planet is to birth a binding kinship between the art of your heart and a visual feast. For me, painting is a physical force and ethereal process –a fast, strong dance with light.”

Kirana travels as much as possible to remote places to immerse herself in painting for as long as possible. Her simple existence there – stripped of any distractions – opens a richer connection to her inner world; a connection within herself that allows her paintings to come through strongly and at the same time in a raw and vulnerable way.

Kirana has exhibited in Australia, as well as overseas, in several solo and group shows and has been a finalist in multiple art awards.

How will your Philanthropy help?

In my day to day life as a full time artist I have to overcome my naturally introverted nature, that part of me that simply wants to paint and be in my studio.
I find it hard and “unnatural” to market myself, to praise my art, while I am in it. A contradiction and a near impossibility.
I find that nearly impossible and a contradiction. I would so love to spend this time creating artworks and talking through colour, adding colour to our lives beyond words.

You could help me with that.

How will Philanthropists benefit?

I would love to invite you to my studio in Sydney/Balmain and give you a colour reading, in which I listen to you and your colours and tell you about the meaning of your individual colour combination for you. Alternatively we can do the same via phone/skype/zoom. I cant wait to meet you.

All philanthropy benefits are at the discretion of the individual artist.