Signal Creative

Signal Creative supports Female Artists in Contemporary Music, Digital Storytelling, performance and craft. Focusing on artists living in remote and regional areas we aim to develop positive personal, artistic and career outcomes.

We are prepared and eager to commit a significant amount of time, energy and very deliberate support to all artists and communities they are engaged with. Ongoing, meaningful relationships and continuing engagement are at the core of Signal’s principals.

Signal Creative offers a breadth of creative and professional experience that is unparalleled. Offering innovative ideas, professional music tuition alongside world class audio production, Signal customises unique programs for every community they work with. Taking time to get to know participants, understand their areas of passion, finding inspiration and facilitating beautiful events and performances.

How will your philanthropy benefit them?

In order to take music and creative art to audiences that would otherwise perhaps never be exposed to it there’s a lot of hidden work and roles to be filled! Emma and Caroline currently take on all of these jobs as they grow and develop their grass roots organisation.

Your philanthropy will assist Signal Creative in covering travel and accommodation, promotion and advertising, hours spent grant writing and finding funding, outreach and building relationships, designing and writing programs, and program delivery.Signal Creative work hard to deliver and support individuals, projects, and other small community organisations that are in the business of improving life for female community members through contemporary music, digital storytelling, live performance and craft..we need your financial support.

How will Armchair Philanthropists benefit?

Signal Creative Subscribers Receive Special Rewards

Emma and Caroline look forward to sending subscribers anything from a small gift pack, a monthly newsletter with special content to free tickets to Signal Creative events, art and craft, complimentary vocal lessons and special mentions on our Signal Podcast!

All philanthropy benefits are at the discretion of the individual artist.

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