Ann Russell Art

Ann Russell is a mixed media artist working in both two and three dimensions and a qualified and passionate art educator. She explores issues of contemporary society such as patriarchy, the environment and diversity through symbolism in her intensely textured surfaces. She has a Master of Arts (Visual Art), has exhibited locally, interstate and overseas; and has work in regional public and private collections, including Moreton Bay where she lives and creates.

Her work has been selected for finalist exhibitions for numerous notable art awards, including the Churchie Emerging Art Award and Woolhara Small Sculpture Prize. Ann is due to complete her Doctor of Creative Arts at the University of Southern Queensland in 2020. Her doctoral project combines her passion for art and education by examining the hidden curriculum in schools through visual art.

How will your philanthropy benefit Ann?

The work I do is important in the way that it allows myself and others to reflect on the issues that are important to our world in the twenty-first century – primarily the way we treat others and the land that sustains us. Very often the work that results is expensive to produce, move and exhibit, so philanthropy would allow me to continue to make work and, more importantly exhibit it, without the constant concern for recouping money in sales. It would also allow me to be more philanthropic in my own approach – offer free workshops and education, conduct community projects and donate to important charities (such as my local Koala rescue).

How will Armchair Philanthropists benefit?

Subscribers will receive a monthly newsletter detailing current and upcoming projects, milestones and opportunities. They will also receive a yearly gift which will feature some of my artwork.

All philanthropy benefits are at the discretion of the individual artist.

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