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Steve Heron


Steve’s passion is to power hope in children, especially through children’s literature. His love of picture books is shown by his extensive collection. He craves to write quality picture books and novels that engage children, at the same time, aid them to handle the tricky things in life. He aspires to keep it real and unreal for kids in his books, some for fun, some to stir hope.

Maximus, his first middle-grade novel was published by Serenity Press in early 2018 and is receiving positive reviews. He is currently searching for publishers to pick up his twenty-five plus picture books and second and third middle-grade novels.
• First trade-published picture book, ‘Ling Li’s Lantern’ is under contract with Midnight Sun Publishers, due for release in 2020.
• Trade-published picture book, ‘Where Ya Goin’?’ is pending contract, scheduled for release in 2021.
• Picture book ‘Harold the Horrid’ was shortlisted with 2017 Greenleaf Buds Writing competition.
• Short story ‘The Money Pouch’ was longlisted in the BUZZWords Magazine Short Story competition 2018.

Steve completed a Diploma of Children’s Writing and Publishing in 2015 with the Australian College. He has recently semi-retired from 40 years of pastoral work with children to focus on his writing.
Steve is the founder of Nurture Works Foundation and developed the acclaimed ‘BUZ – Build Up Zone’ social and emotional programs and initiatives used in many schools throughout WA.
In 2016, he was listed in the Queen’s Birthday honours and received an Order of Australia Medal for contribution to the social and emotional wellbeing of children.
His first dabble with writing for children led to a series of six picture books in the ‘Feel Safe Feel Right Series’ published by Nurture Works in 2007.
Steve has extensive experience working with children in schools and is no stranger to doing presentations to kids. He has a positive web and social media platform to promote his books and presentations.
A champion of wellbeing for children, he has been called an affirmative vandal and a hooligan of hope.

How will your Philanthropy help?

Because I have semi-retired to focus on writing for children, I would rather spend by time refining my craft, this leaves me in a catch 22 situation. Finding finances for editing services, mentoring fees, annual subscriptions to computer programs and platforms can often be a burden.
I am also keen to attend Writers Conferences and festivals, but most are held in the Eastern States and accommodation and travel costs from Western Australia makes this limiting.

How will Philanthropists benefit?

Steve will offer Philanthropists:

  • Regular newsletters and updates
  • A free author signed copy of new releases
  • Invitations to book launches

All philanthropy benefits are at the discretion of the individual artist.