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Armchair Philanthropy is one of the only arts funding platforms that is not project-based.

By eliminating grants and projects, artists become free to simply create.

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In a Nutshell

AP has been created to free artists from living grant-to-grant, and to provide them with subscription payments from their supporters in a boutique philanthropy shopping experience. Many arts projects are reverse-engineered to fit grant applications, and an enormous amount of time is spent on applying for grants that are unsuccessful. All of this steals from the artists the time and ability to express themselves. We want to change that.

We invite you to peruse our portfolio of artists and, if you find one you like, investigate their work, their goals and philosophies, and consider philanthropising them. You will not be funding a project, but instead, funding the artist to continue their work – perhaps you’ll be assisting with replacing paintbrushes, repairing dancing shoes or replacing instrumental strings. These sorts of things are integral to the continued creation of art, but generally things that there are no grants for.

Support and contribute without leaving your armchair.

Philanthropise an artist, and you will be helping them cover expenses

that there generally aren’t grants for, such as:

Agents’ fees, audition expenses, canvases, saxophone reeds, social media boosts, sound and lighting technicians, adobe creative suite subscriptions, CD launch events, ticket printing and handling, business cards, ballet shoes, streaming service memberships, sheet music, recordings, stock photos for promotional material, videographers, violin strings, association memberships, touring expenses, body paint, conference fees, audition or demo tapes, recording studio time, postage, cello strings, petrol, gear…

…the list goes on.

Free: To create

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