Forget projects, grants, budgets and deadlines.

Get ongoing funding by enabling your supporters to make monthly subscription donations to you, and attract new supporters through our Philanthropy Boutique.

How are we different?

Armchair Philanthropy is a new method of funding artists: Combining an online philanthropy shopping experience with subscription-based payments.


Instead of applying for grants and begging for donations, Armchair Philanthropy elevates art beyond ‘charity’. Artists in the AP portfolio gain exposure through AP’s quarterly promotions in national printed arts magazines and online through our social media and website. AP will become another marketing avenue for you as you reach out to your existing fan base and invite them to connect and subscribe. AP enables new supporters to peruse artists in our ‘Philanthropy Boutique’, and become philanthropists from their own living room.

A wide range of price points attracts philanthropists from every corner, with support starting from $12.50 a month.

  We’re Australian. That means artists get promoted to Australian audiences in Australian media. Oi, Oi, Oi! Bonus: no international transaction fees!

 We’ll make you famous! Well, to a point. We’ll put you on our social media pages, you’ll get your own dedicated web page and we’ll even put selected artists regularly in Australian arts-related print media. Notice when you hit our front page, artists are there ready to be noticed.

 We’re not just a subscriptions platform, we’re a Philanthropy Boutique. That means art-lovers will discover you by casually browsing. It also means you don’t have to denegrate yourself or your product by “begging” for “donations”. Art is not charity.

 We do not charge additional bank or transaction fees. We just have the one commission rate to keep it fair and simple for everyone, and because we’re Australian there’s no additional transaction fees.

 Our listings are NOT project-based. Just keep creating!

We keep it simple. You’ll just need to fill out a form and that’s it! You won’t need to worry about creating Apps or embarking on complicated rewards systems.

 We support you with encouragement, ideas, prompts, and more.

AP is exclusively for art and artists, (so your work won’t get mixed in with non-arts projects).

 We are advocates for arts funding and want to see change for the good of art.

What do artists receive?

✔ A payment portal where subscribers choose to support you for recurring monthly amounts

✔ Complete transparancy with your own login to your Vendor Dashboard, which summarises your philanthropists and monthly earnings

✔ Monthly payments from AP passing on your supporters’ subscriptions*

✔ Online promotion by us through our website, our social media portals, and inclusion in AP’s regular promotions in prominent Australian arts magazines and print media.

✔ Each month, 3 artists from 3 categories (sight, sound and performance) are featured in our Mega Menu on our website

✔ Option to host an AP-branded event. We’ll help you promote it and brand it and reward your followers!

*less AP’s commission

View the Vendor Dashboard:


Apply to become an AP Artist and receive your profile page and payment portal information.


Invite your current fan base to subscribe, and also begin to attract new subscribers through our Philanthropy Portal.


Start receiving your monthly payouts on the last day of every calendar month. Reach out to your subscribers with regular updates, thank yous, special offers and free gifts.

It’s free for artists to list, and AP charges a flat rate of 12.5% of donations, to cover all promotion, hosting, bank fees, administration and more, and passes the rest onto artists at the end of each calendar month.

Unlike other art funding platforms, AP dispenses with project funding, grant writing, budgets and funds aquittals, freeing artists to simply create.

Boutique Philanthropy - Philanthropy Boutique

We strive to attract new supporters for you by providing an online ‘philanthropy boutique’ where potential philanthropists peruse artists to find someone new to support. Maybe they’ll even turn up to your show and support you in other ways too!

We don’t do one-off donations or project funding, as we believe art is already a permanent, ongoing ‘project’… and it’s not charity.