Old Lore

Old Lore



Get lost in their melodies and found in their harmonies. They’ve got something to say so lean in.

Founding member Peter Thornley was inspired to bring together indigenous musicians with a few honorary black fellas to make music with a message. After spending time in remote Aboriginal communities with alarmingly high rates of suicide he began work with Red Dust Role models and Beyond Dreaming to deliver a message of mental heath. Music is such an excellent grapevine to share ideas, stories and create connections. Follow them at www.oldlore.org or instagram #oldloreofficial

How will your Philanthropy help?

Old Lore is a band that uses music to promote discussion on mental health within but not limited to indigenous communities.
Founding member Peter Thornley along with Gling Hunt and Nat Andrews believe music is one of the best channels of communication to promote health and wellbeing across the board.
Old Lore has landed festival gigs such as Brisbane Festival 2019, HOTA – Dancing On The Green and Arts Ablaze. Along with countless local community gigs.
Old Lore is a band full of highly educated and motivated musicians and leaders within their communities. They constantly strive to improve themselves and educate future generations.
Audio and visual story telling is their life long passion, along with a thirst for supporting social justice and humanitarianism through their artistic expressions.
Monies raised will go towards creating and promoting indigenous music but aim to become an advocate for mental health of these communities.

How will Philanthropists benefit?

Subscribers will be updated regularly and be first to hear new releases. Subscribers will also be granted VIP access to online shows and live events.

All philanthropy benefits are at the discretion of the individual artist.