How is Armchair Philanthropy different from other funding sites?

We believe AP is the only site offering:

For Artists:

✔️ Exclusively arts-focused listings

✔️ No projects (being an artist is already a project!)

✔️ No end-dates ✔️ No complicated applications ✔️ No budgets or acquittals

✔️ All artist applications accepted*

✔️ Ongoing, automatic monthly subscription-based payments

✔️ Guidance & inspiration to assist artists in engaging with their philanthropists

✔️ An Online Philanthropy Boutique – a philanthropy destination for art lovers

✔️ Promotion of artists through our online networks

✔️ Support for artists to hold an AP launch party, to turn their once-a-year donors into monthly philanthropists

✔️ Attraction of new supporters through our promotion of AP in national arts print media**

✔️ A level playing field – it’s not just artists with big budgets getting all the air time

✔️ Complete transparancy: Artists have their own login to view their Armchair Philanthropy Funding Dashboard


For Art Lovers/Philanthropists

✔️ The opportunity to become a philanthropist instantly

✔️ An online boutique to discover new artists

✔️ Either support your favourite artist, or discover a new one through browsing our Philanthropy Boutique

✔️ To take charge of the arts funding space, and make sure funding is going where you want it

✔️ No contracts or minimum terms


*Professional artists are organised by art category, amateur artists are featured in our community category. Although we anticipate all applications to be accepted, we reserve the right to moderate or reject any applications that we deem to be incongruent with our mission and image.

**Frequency to be determined by take-up of listings

Who are we?

Armchair Philanthropy was founded in 2019 by Sarah Nielsen Grey. Sarah is a graduate of the Canberra School of Music, who has spent the last couple of decades working as a performing musician, a music director, an instrumental teacher, and an arts manager. Sarah developed AP in response to the frustrations of artists attempting to get ahead with the confines of a grants-based funding system. Want to get a coffee with Sarah? Drop her a line here.

What’s the process for becoming an AP artist, and how long does it take?

Artists wishing to list on AP just need to complete the artist application form, which helps us propagate your online profile and classify you into the correct category. Once you’ve submitted your form, we will create your online profile, create a vendor login for you and generate a password for your account. The average turn-around time is less than 24 hours if we have all the right information.

What do I need to provide you with, to list on AP?

✔️ A Paypal account to receive subscription payments (that’s the only type of account our software can use, and it’s free to sign up and withdraw your payments to your regular bank account). FAQ: Unfortunately we are unable to pay-out to any other type of account at this stage, but we’ll let you know if that changes.

✔️ A high-res photo of you or your work [see media specifications]

✔️ A biography of around 300 – 500 words

Are philanthropy payments tax-deductible?

Only if the individual artist holds tax-deductible status (check their profile for this information). N.B. it is reasonably expensive to attain this status, so if you’re supporting someone without it, you can be sure they can really use your support

What do I get for philanthropising an artist?

It varies from artist-to-artist! Some artists may send you tokens and treats, others may offer you special discounts, early access, or free tickets. Some artists may only be able to afford a sincere and heartfelt thank you. But beyond that, you’ll experience the joy, satisfaction, and a sense of achievement of knowing you’re helping to make this a more beautiful world.

How do you select which artists are in the mega menu and print media?

We generally select the most recent artists who have listed with AP to go into the Mega Menu and print media. However this is completely at AP’s discretion.

How do I remove my listing?

Artists can remove their listing at any time. Just email us at hello@armchairphilanthropy.com and we’ll take care of it.