New Listings Welcome!

Armchair Philanthropy is currently accepting new listings in all categories. Armchair Philanthropy is brand new on the Australian Arts Funding scene and is bridging the gap between (and working alongside!) existing funding options for artists. We cover the space between where project funding leaves off and key arts funding steps in. We are plugging another little gap in the arts funding space.

Click here to read all about the benefits of becoming an AP-Listed Artist. Click here for our FAQ’s section.

However we are confident that there are plenty of other ways to utilise our subscription payments platform, than just the ways we’ve already imagined.

For example, have you considered making your subscribers ‘members’ of an exclusive club supporting your work? The AP subscriptions mechanism is a great way to enable your supporters to become VIP’s, get exclusive benefits and more, with easy monthly fees.

This is also a great way for community groups to enable their members to pay membership fees in monthly automatic instalments and therefore increase their membership. For groups looking to increase their annual membership fees, offering a monthly subscription option is likely to enable more of your current membership to stay and enable others to join more easily.

Got a question, or want to grab a coffee? Email us and let’s talk about how AP can help you art.