One-Hit Wonder Wednesday!

Introducing One-Hit Wonder Wednesday! 🏆It’s One-Hit Wonder Wednesday!🏆   Yup! Today you’re invited to make a one-hit $12.50 payment to an AP artist. You can cancel it right away. #nojudgement   🙌 BE a One-hit Wonder! 🙌   There are writers, sculptors, painters, photographers, musicians and more! Take a squiz at the Philanthropy Boutique. Pick […]

The Importance of Small Steps

Small steps are imperative to success in all areas of our lives. Whether achieving personal targets or overcoming a bad habit, it all begins with a small, achievable goal. According to Melissa Weinberg of Deakin University, smaller goals allow us to reduce procrastination, clear our path to success and increase motivation and productivity. Without small […]

Composer Sally Greenaway records three new pieces

Despite the challenges of 2020, Australian composer Sally Greenaway has finished the year with a flourish, thanks to a combined funding strategy including philanthropy. By March 2020, most artists were staring at their shoes. The year ahead looked bleak as we watched our calendars empty. Any engagements that did stay were on tenterhooks, as we [...]

Calling all filmmakers!

Focus on Filmmakers! Hey, filmmakers! Looking for funding? Armchair Philanthropy is now accepting new listings from filmmakers. We are an Australian arts funding startup that enables artists to bypass the shortfalls of existing funding mechanisms, and accept subscription philanthropy directly from people who want to invest in the future of your work. Tired of applying […]

2020 Philanthropy Gift Guide

At the start of this year, several artists expressed to me that they didn't feel valid in asking for philanthropy, in the face of the Australian bushfires and floods. Little did we realise that things were about to get worse: that Covid was around the corner, and that every artist would be affected, primarily due to an existing [...]

Philanthropy Workshop

A workshop examining how to engage, mobilise and motivate your audience to philanthropise your artistic work. About this Event Have you ever wondered "how would philanthropy work for me?" In this 40 minute workshop you'll talk to the founder of about different strategies you can use to leverage, inspire and motivate philanthropy of your [...]

Live Q&A Session this Friday

⁉ Q&A with our founder, Sarah Grey This Friday, right here, 1:00pm: YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED! 🙋🙋‍♂️ Wondering if AP is right for you? Wondering exactly what we DO, or after some tips on how to mobilise and engage your audience? Tune in and let’s talk. 📧 Email your questions to me in advance this week […]