Your 2019 AP Gift Guide!

Your 2019 AP Gift Guide!

Skip the crowds this Christmas. Avoid the parking lot, the packaging, the plastic and the pfuss. By giving philanthropy this Christmas, you’ll be providing a meaningful gift that continues to give to the artist and also reward your lucky recipient for the life of the philanthropy.

Enter your recipient’s name at checkout, and we’ll email you a printable certificate to give them on Christmas morning. Your selected artist will then engage directly with your recipient to provide them directly with individual perks and rewards. The pure joy of sharing a meaningful, authentic gift such as philanthropy is unparalleled.

In no particular order, here’s what’s on offer from AP artists this Christmas:

1. ✍️ Writer Neil Grant is offering exclusive snippets of work in progress, and a signed copy of his next novel on publication.

2. 🖼️ Visual artist ART by Christelle Hug gives philanthropists options of receiving open/limited-edition art prints or original paintings, and exclusive access to special behind the scenes content showing her art-making process and invitations to all subscribers to attend art events and VIP opening nights showcasing her art.…/christelle-hug/

3. 🎼 Composer Mike Dooley Music is offering concert tickets, CDs and more.…/michael-dooley-comp…/

4. 🎨 Visual artist Dawn Davis Lim is offering exclusive discounts to AP philanthropists, along with personalised updates.…/dawn-lim/

5. 🖌️ Visual artist Paula Payne invites you to visit her studio, talk about her art and her process, and receive an annual work of art as a reward with her sincere thanks…/paula-payne/

6. 👩‍🎨 Mixed Media artist Ann Russell from will add you to her VIP mailing list to keep updated every month, and also receive an annual gift as thanks for your philanthropy.…/ann-russell-art/

7. ✏️ Poet and social media guru Sue Ellson is offering exchange services, exclusive invitations and invaluable networking opportunities

8. 📷 Photographer Grace Costa Photographer is putting you on her VIP list, so you’ll be the first to gain exclusive access to opportunities and offers.…/grace-costa-photogr…/

9. 🎨 Painter Kirana Haag – Artist can’t wait to see you in her Sydney studio (or via Skype) to provide you with an individual Colour Reading…/kirana-haag/

10. 🎺 The Australian Wind Symphony is offering the first 20 subscribers a free ticket to all their shows in 2020!…/australian-wind-sym…/

11. 🖼 Visual artist Susy Boyer will provide archival quality prints of her work or ORIGINAL ART determined by the value of the contribution. You’ll also receive personal invitations to events and art openings.…/susy-boyer/

12. 🎙️ Jazz singer Elise Walsh and Bella Groove are offering special gifts and early access to tickets…/elise-walsh-bella-g…/

13. 📚 Children’s Author Steve Heron is inviting you to book launches, a signed copy of new releases and keeping you in the loop with special newsletters and updates

14. 🕵️ J. A. Henderson (Jan Andrew Henderson) is giving philanthropists an amazing opportunity to have some of their work critiqued. He might also use you as a character in his next thriller!…/j-a-henderson/

15. 🌏 John Dahlsen Environmental and Installation Art is giving the first 100 philanthropists DOUBLE VALUE on their philanthropy, and enabling you to redeem your contributions for works of art.

16. 🎤 Signal Creative is offering to teach you how to sing! In addition, they’ll send you a thank you present, as well as free tickets, and mentions on their podcast.

17. ✒️ Social Practice artist Sarah K Reece invented the GIFT LOTTERY! This wonderful idea adds a third layer of excitement to your gift philanthropy, in addition to Sarah engaging directly with their subscribers personally.…/sarah-k-reece/

18. 📘 Children’s Author Wendy Haynes is providing a free e-book for philanthropists, along with her heartfelt thanks for your support.…/wendy-haynes/

19. 🖼️ Visual artist Dianne Smith is providing limited edition cards of her work (whoohoo it’s just in time for Christmas!!) along with exclusive discounts on purchasing artworks.…/dianne-smith/

20. 🗿 Sculptor Betty Collier is offering special prints of her work on cards, suitable as gifts or keepsakes. She will also provide invaluable insight into her artistic process…/betty-collier/

21. ✏️ Visual artist Tania Daymond of Miss Daymond Designs enables subscribers to redeem the value of their philanthropy for works of art.…/tania-daymond-for-m…/