Engaging Subscribers: Case Study – Australian Wind Symphony

Engaging Subscribers: Case Study – Australian Wind Symphony

This month’s leaderboard has Australian Wind Symphony up top.

How did they do it?

  1. Created 4 concerts this year, with selected dates.
  2. Advised their followers: “subscribe by Jan 31st and you’ll get free entry for as long as your subscription is current”
  3. Dozens of followers have become monthly subscribers. Every. Month. And their last event is in November so that’s a long commitment!

This method ticks the box of providing something tangible as a philanthropy reward, on a deadline to subscribe, and converts followers into subscribers.

Not a performer? Here’s your hack

We’ve got a few ideas how you can inspire your subscribers even if you’re not literally walking onto a stage.

  • Offer a new subscriber package of early or exclusive access to see your art
  • Offer a series of talks about your work
  • Set dates for a few workshops to enable followers to learn your skills
  • Host your own art walking tours: one hour on foot in your district talking up the arts of the area (street art, anyone?)
  • Team up with another artist, and bring small groups to each other’s exhibitions: you can talk about the art, they can meet the artist, see the work, grab a coffee afterwards. Maybe even have a go while they’re there.
  • Offer rent-to-own art. Could they even take it home today?
  • Take a look forward in your art diary. Could the next four things constitute a subscriber package?

Australian Wind Symphony kindly granted permission to be used as a case study.