Applause January 2020

Applause January 2020

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2020: Happy Days are Here Again!

Hello and happy new year!

I would like to begin by welcoming all the newcomers who have discovered AP over the Christmas/New Year break, especially those who are the lucky recipient of a gift philanthropy subscription. I genuinely believe you will find it extremely rewarding philanthropising artists directly and building personal relationships with them, with a view to creating even more great art.

We have suffered a terrible beginning to bush fire season here in regional NSW, Australia. I feel the need to express our sincerest concern and condolences for everyone affected, which of course, includes many people, animals, economies and communities in direct contact with AP.

However, this experience and situation in Australia also serves to demonstrate the value of AP: Until the launch of AP, if an artist wished to attract subscription philanthropy from their networks and strangers, there was no other option than to list on a site which also promoted/hosted fundraising for charity and/or disaster relief. And with the (quite right) explosion of fundraising efforts for bushfire relief, the arts would easily be lost among them. One of our core tenets is to create an arts-exclusive space where the arts were not required to ‘fundraise’ in the same way as a ‘charity’ would. We wish to elevate the arts and promote it as an ongoing investment rather than a short term charitable cause – not to take anything away from those other very worthy causes, of course. It’s just a different kettle of fish.

On a lighter note, I would like to congratulate Signal Creative who are top of the leader board for earnt philanthropy this month. With a little work behind the keyboard I’m sure there will be plenty of artists hot on their heels by the next issue! Many other AP-artists have already increased their bottom line by over $50/month which is significant when you consider that those payments are ongoing.

At present, AP artists are staring down the barrel of 2020 looking at their delivery of programs, courses, projects, collaborations, exhibitions, performances and more. There’s so much exciting stuff on offer and I would encourage you to check out (and add!) events on our Events page and make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we continue to share the happenings of AP artists.

Artists can expect to hear from me this week to talk more and brainstorm how AP can continue to be a leverage tool for you to expand your work in 2020.

Here’s to a creative and beautiful 2020. Talk soon!

Sarah Grey

Founder of Armchair Philanthropy





What’s New?

Limelight Magazine

SARAH GREY: ARMCHAIR PHILANTHROPY by Angus McPherson in Limelight Magazine

Creating art is an expensive business, as anyone who has tried to put on a concert, exhibition or show – or even had to buy new clarinet reeds – knows all too well.

Read on for Angus McPherson’s full article in the December issue of Limelight Magazine Australia’s Classical Music and Arts Magazine

AP’s New Video

It’s 27 seconds that sum up what AP does, how we’re different, and why that matters. Another great tool to share with your networks who might like to join AP or philanthropise you.

New Faces to AP

Steve Heron

Steve’s passion is to power hope in children, especially through children’s literature. His love of picture books is shown by his extensive collection. He craves to write quality picture books and novels that engage children, at the same time, aid them to handle the tricky things in life. He aspires to keep it real and unreal for kids in his books, some for fun, some to stir hope. Read on…






Kirana Haag

Kirana’s work explores our inner realms, bringing them to life as exquisite representations of our multi-dimensional selves. Tangible works that communicate – without words – the human qualities and energies that connect us all. Read on…





Tania Daymond

Tania Daymond is a West Australian Visual Artist specialising in large hand drawn botanical works.

All her work begins with a fountain pen, ink and beautiful paper. Black and white ink drawings are her first love but inspired by the vibrant colours found in the Australian Flora she now combines ink and beautiful paper with bursts of watercolour to create a little vavoom. Read on…

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