2020 Philanthropy Gift Guide

2020 Philanthropy Gift Guide

At the start of this year, several artists expressed to me that they didn’t feel valid in asking for philanthropy, in the face of the Australian bushfires and floods. Little did we realise that things were about to get worse: that Covid was around the corner, and that every artist would be affected, primarily due to an existing funding system that was unable to support the industry, even before a global crisis.

At AP we saw something different, though. Artists had built personal connections with their philanthropists, and we saw 100% of philanthropy retained throughout 2020. That’s significant, when ‘culture was cancelled’!

Many philanthropists actually upgraded their subscriptions in solidarity with artists during this challenging time. By building individual relationships between philanthropists and artists, we were able to maintain creativity, and we’re really proud of that.

If you were a philanthropist this year, I would like to personally thank you for your commitment to art and culture. Thank you!

This year’s Philanthropy Gift Guide offers a wide variety of artists and art forms, but more importantly, it offers hope. 

In a year when artists have been ineligible for the same basic financial relief as their counterparts in waged positions, we invite you to consider a gift subscription for someone, this Christmas. View our full list of artists below, or on our website.

Wishing you the very best for the upcoming summer and festive season,



Philanthropy makes an amazing Christmas gift, because you’re giving beauty, authenticity, hope, creativity, and encouragement to an artist, and those feelings are duplicated in your lucky recipient. This feeling of prosperity continues in both recipients, long after Christmas Day.

At the same time that most families will be filling their bins with plastic on Boxing Day, your artist will be dreaming about new possibilities for 2021. Philanthropy is a special and unique gift you won’t find at the mall.

Philanthropy gift subscriptions are instant, electronic, and easy.

Gift Idea

A unique and feel-good gift that gives long after Christmas Day.

Cancel any time

Our minimum subscription is $12.50 and you can cancel at any time.


Build a relationship with an artist by investing in their creativity and future work.

Philanthropy enables art lovers to bypass the red tape and fund their favourite artist personally. They build a direct relationship with their artist by receiving rewards, thanks, and personal appreciation.